Real Time Web Quoting

Want to REALLY add more value and get MORE leads?
Provide instant price calculated quotations and estimates online.

  • Instant Online Quoting

    Imagine being able to give your prospects accurate real time instant quotes and estimates. Now you can!

  • Smart Costing Engine

    The quoting engine utilises a simple, yet brilliant way of costing your quotes. Accuracy is paramount, while not restricting or complicating the quoting process.

  • Blitz Your Competition

    Let your competitors take 24 to 48 hours to respond to leads, whilst your leads receive immediate information ready for job execution.

  • Increase Your Leads

    Providing instant real time quotations or estimates in your website will impress your prospects and deliver benefits to both them and your business.

  • Industry Independent

    Automatic quoting is not restricted to any particular industry or market segment. It does add most value to service based businesses.

  • Calculation Accuracy

    We can incorporate any number of models for calculating quotations online. There are no limits, and anything is possible.

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Generating Leads Just Got Easer

The typical contact forms on websites are the expected norm. Frustrating as hell, but accepted by the majority of the population.

However, by converting this contact process into an integrated yet simple real-time quotation calculator able to generate perfectly formatted estimates for prospects, you're solving 3 main problems:

  1. You've created a real incentive for the visitor to give you their details;
  2. The user's requirement of getting information quickly, is greatly exceeded;
  3. You're able to see what the visitor is seeking without asking, which allows you to position your pitch accordingly.

Real-time calculated quotes can increase your generated leads
And save you alot of valuable time!

Contact us today to find out what is possible.

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