Quote Plugin - Real Time Online Quotes and Estimates

Instant Online Quoting Engine. Blitz Your Competition. Generate More Leads.
Deliver Real Accurate Quotations and Estimates At The Speed Of Light.

  • Instant Online Quoting

    Imagine being able to give your prospects accurate real time instant quotes and estimates. Now you can!

  • Quick and Easy Setup

    It’s so easy to setup your first quote form in minutes. There are no restrictions to the questions or types of questions you can create.

  • Smart Costing Engine

    The wpQUOTE engine utilizes a simple, yet brilliant way of costing your quotes. Accuracy is paramount, while not restricting or complicating the quoting process.

  • Accurate, Quick and Easy

    Accurate quotes can be setup in minutes, with no limit to the number of questions you wish to ask.

  • Easy Page Integration

    No need to copy code or employ some convoluted process for putting your quote on a page. A short-code is employed to allow you to ‘insert’ a quote object anywhere in your page content.

  • Industry Independent

    wpQUOTE is not restricted to any particular industry and market segment. It does add most value to service based businesses.

  • Increase Your Enquiries

    Providing instant real time quotations or estimates in your website will impress your prospects and deliver benefits to both them and your business.

  • Blitz Your Competition

    Let your competitors take 24 to 48 hours to respond to leads, whilst your leads receive immediate information ready for job execution.

Within minutes you can have your own quoting engine up and running, complete quote questions, quote answers, and quote pricing options ready to deliver more leads.

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Supported Features

  • Industry Independent
  • Create Your Own Questions
  • Create Your Own Answers
  • Create Your Own Prices Against Selections
  • AJAX Enabled
  • Picklists, Radio Button, Check Box, Text Box Supported
  • Unlimited Number of Quotations
  • Configurable Quote / Confirmation Emails
  • Support Paypal Partial and Full Payment

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Quote Questions List

Quote Leads

Quote Result page

Quote Edit Page

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