Know Your Website Data With Google Analytics

Google Analytics can shed light on your visitor behaviour and actions to strengthen visitor engagement

Google Analytics is a FREE tool that helps measure your website’s performance and translate your traffic data into meaningful reports and information that can be used to make informed business decisions.

We provide SME and Enterprise level Google Analytics solutions.

Google Analytics has a wealth of features that will not only demystify ‘what’s going on’ on your website, but help you optimise your online campaigns and reduce your ad spend.

Some complex implementations can require more technical involvement, but overall, setup is once off and Google Analytics’ true value is derived from the interpretation of its results.

Netseek’s Google Analytics Services Benefits:

  • Insightful Monthly Reporting:

    Our reporting incorporates our commentary on the current state of the market. Although we provide detailed reports, our summary is an excellent source of easily digestible relevant information.

  • Visitor Behavior Patterns:

    Understand your visitors better, and understand what they are doing on your site and where they are going within it. Looking at data across hundreds of visitors creates easily identifiable behavior patterns, which can be used to make profit affecting decisions.

  • Google Analytics:

    Don’t get locked into any sort of proprietary reporting tool, there are few tools (if any) that can beat Google’s FREE Analytics software. Your website data is your most valuable asset when it comes to ROI and profitability and you must ensure it’s yours to keep.

  • Track Lead Conversions:

    Track Lead Conversions: Using Goals within Google Analytics can help quantify your website’s results and better help determine your website’s ROI.

  • Traffic Sources:

    Traffic Sources: Where is your traffic coming from? Get information on natural SEO, PPC and direct traffic breakdown. Geographic source data, showing cities and regions.

  • KPI Measurement:

    KPI Measurement: We define and track the most critical KPI’s that influence better results and outcomes for your website.

Google Analytics Reporting. Google Analytics offer a large number of analytic reports in varying formats. We will create a customized dashboard of reports that are tailored to the information you will benefit from. These reports are available in real time when you log into your Analytics account, or they can be emailed to you periodically.

Google Analytics Training. For the more savvy users of Analytics, we conduct one-on-one training sessions for both implementation and interpretation of Google Analytics features and reports. These are highly tailored to your specific requirements and help define and execute an ongoing strategy for traffic measurement and interpretation. Please refer to our Google Analytics Training pages for more information.

What Can Google Analytics Do For You?

Give you detailed insights into what your visitors are doing on your site,
and how to best capture their attention

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